Braves hire Walker,Fletcher as new hitting coaches

Coming off a disappointing conclusion to this past season, the Braves are ready to move forward with Greg Walker as their new hitting coach. Frank Wren introduced Walker as Atlanta’s third hitting coach in a span of three years. Larry Parrish, the former hitting coach, was the only member of the coaching staff dismissed after the Braves won just nine of their final 27 games. Wren also hired Scott Fletcher to serve in the new role of advance coach/assistant hitting coach. Fletcher will assist Walker and also serve as an on-site advance scout who will gather stats via games viewed on television and the computer.“ The combination of the two, we believe, will give us a very dynamic coaching staff from the hitting perspective,” Wren said. With them coming in, it will give the Braves an advantage over their opponents because they are able to get different views on what they need to do. Will having two hitting coaches benefit the Braves or not?
Tell me what you think!



  1. maxsilverman

    LIke they always say, the more, the better. Two hitting coaches means the players will have more face to face time. If the old coach wasn’t working, you have to make changes. Running a baseball team is as much about the buisness as it is about the game.

  2. Jesica Parsley

    This is different. I think that two hitting coaches could be very helpful as long as the comments do not contradict. But with two hitting coaches that have a lot of experience, I do not see how that could not help. Maybe one will see something that the other would not have picked up. I think two will make a difference and am excited to see the determined Braves next season.

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